Get all metafields for products

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Kind of amazed that this issue is not made easier after years.


In my use case i just need to get a list of all metafields, to know what the partner has created already, so i can update their content.


Getting all their metafields is a pain in the ass though.


Should be made possible to get all metafrields with a resource owner. ie. all metafields on a owner_resource=product, or variant or image whatever.

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The point that has been made by all the contributors are totally valid and I view the last response from a so called expect as both narrow and unhelpful in the extreme. There is a clear requirement for this resource from a large number of customers, please address the problem rather than dismissing it in a banal manner.

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Lazy developers trying to push Shopify to bend to their system? This is demeaning, and oblivious to the state of the global economy.


Shopify currently lives in the ecomm sector, a whopping 8% of the retail market. Shopify wants to be the platform we use to drive a movement of the remaining 92% of the market, that is big business retail, from brick and mortar to ecommerce. Wal-Mart, Target, etc. these are the kings, not Shopify. To capture that business, Shopify must accommodate big business ERP databases and the breadth of complexity that retail chains demand. That means keeping item data in sync as much as keeping orders in sync. This metafield API issue is one pain point that Shopify has simply failed to accommodate so far.


The industry is moving this way. If you view us as pushing Shopify around, that's because we are. If Shopify doesn't oblige, they will simply not be relevant in this small piece of the market. Massive API pulls against metadata fields is not abuse. It's use in this case. And I expect we'll see similar "abuse" against other endpoints before the push is over. It's up to Shopify to figure out how to manage that without folding to performance issues.


I hope to see Shopify manage this quickly so that I can rely on Shopify as more business moves onto this platform.

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Just here to credit SigProdGroup. 

Shopify is the wordpress of e-commerce and has been that since Tobi left as CTO. I only ever find myself stumbling across these posts when trying to get more from the platform. Quite frankly, Shopify nowadays is a f*cking mess, constantly publishing unfinished features to the system or as we bare witnessed with "Shopify Mail" an overhyped pile of trash. Fear not my fellow engineers for the blue haired genderless support team is on your side who have zero f*cking clue.

Anyway, if any of you stumble across this thread and read this post, take a look at Centra which is what I believe to be the future of e-commerce. It flaunts a real headless e-commerce solution, none of this bitchery you get from the Shopify cretins. 

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And its 2021 and the "research" continues.. Such a strait forward  feature..