Get current visitor information

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Hi all, 

Is there any data I can get about the current visitor or their session without them logging in? Looking for things like referral url or device.

I'm building an app that needs to react in real time based on data like the current visitor's device, referral url, the last time they visited the site, the total number of times they have visited the site, the amount of money they have spent on the site as a guest, pages they have browsed - things like that. For example, show a popup if the person is a new visitor or if they have been here within the last week.

I'm open to any of the APis or liquid variables but have found nothing. Shopify Analytics has some of this info under visits, but I need real time info about the current visit or session, not all visits in the last week. Anything in the customer global liquid variable would be great too, but that requires login.

Thanks in advance!