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Hi, I am wondering about the best way to get all new/changed product images.

I have tried graphql shop.productImages, where I can get all images created after a given cursor. That would work fine, but the query does not return the product that the image belongs to. It only returns an id like "gid://shopify/ProductImage/13313327005774". Is there any way to find the product given that id? Without the product I can not update the productImage.

Next I tried to get all products updated after a given timestamp. That triggers an update every time the stock level changes. I would need to check all images every time an item is sold, which would give a lot of unnecessary checks.

Currently I am using the bulk query to get all products and images. This works, but I suspect there is an easier way so  don't have to repeatedly get all products and images?




I'm interested in that too.
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Hey @matobi 

Have you thought about using webhooks at all? I believe image changes would fire a product update webhook. 

Kevin_A | Developer Support @ Shopify 
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