Getting 404 error on API Request while request in browser works fine...

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Hi, I have a problem with our private app. I try to get detailed payment data on an order, but I get a 404 error on the /checkout/#token/payments.json request when I do it through our system by php / REST API.

When I copy the request uri into the browser addressfield - same request everything works fine. All other request from our app work fine as well.

Can anyone help me? I can not imagine why...


BR Tobi

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey @Tobi_P7 ,


In order to be able to best troubleshoot this for you, could you provide the value of the X-Request-ID header from the 404 Error response from the Shopify REST API? With this value we would be able to go through the platform logs on our end to see why exactly this error message was being thrown.


One potential reason could be that your API credentials through your PHP Private App does not have access to this endpoint, which is why you wouldn't be able to access this through your app but you can through the web browser (which is probably using your Shopify Admin access). Another potential reason for why this issue may be happening, could be if you are not including the path "/admin/api/2020-01" before the "/checkout/#token/payments.json" path. You do not need 'api/2020-01/' prefix path when using the browser but you have to use it for API requests from other clients.


Hassain | Developer Support Specialist @ Shopify
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