Getting 500 Internal Server Error from 1 specific store from the REST Order API

Hi there,

We have a Shopify Plus customer with multiple stores and for some reason one of their stores started getting a "500 Internal Server Error" from the REST Order API last night.  They've been using our app for more than 2 years now and have a scheduled task to export orders every 15 minutes and this is the first time this issue has occurred.

After running a bunch of tests, we discovered that this only happens if the order status filter is set to "open" (or not specified in the API request which then defaults to "open").  If we set `status=any`, then the API request goes through fine.

This doesn't look like a timeout issue since filters with `status=any`, which would return more data, works fine and we've also tried specifying `limit=1` and the 500 error still occurs.

Here's a sample request ID that gives a 500 error:

'X-Request-ID': 'c436e036-a6cd-4354-8503-5f63bf68636c'

We're currently only seeing this issue for this 1 particular store, other stores are fine whether we use "open" or "any" or any other order status filter.

I opened a ticket with Partners support as well (ticket 19350322) but I figured I'd also post in the forums in case a Shopify engineer is reading through the forum posts and may be able to look into the issue quicker.

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