Getting all orders of a customer with API

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Getting all orders of a customer with API is pretty staight forward way of API use. And it's a pretty common case, right? To know which orders belong to a customer, when having thousands of existing orders, is very useful.

I do not know why this is not supported by API. I did not find a way how to filer orders by email address, even the solution this forum offers does not work.

What I am trying to do is to use admin/orders.json with a filter for email (or customer ID if there is a way). Could anybody help me with this? Or could Shopify developers add this obvious filter?

Thank you very much.

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Hey QualityUnit,

You can get orders attached to a customer via their ID.

GET /admin/orders.json?customer_id=207119551

As per notes in the docs:

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Cool! I must have overlooked it as I focused on Orders.

Thank you.

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To get all customer orders: you have to add order "status" as well else you will get only "open" orders.

So endpoint can be something like this: 



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What about retrieve orders by email-id and phone number. If customer on call support, support agent have easy access of Phone and Email-id then customer ID. So please give option to fetch orders by customer register email id & phone number.