Gift Card API - Admin Descriptions of Events

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We have a mature Point of Sale product installed in the bricks and mortar locations of an existing Shopify Plus merchant.  We have registered a Private App with the goal to process Gift Card activity from the physical locations and maintain the correct GIft Card balances and history on Shopify.

We have established call outs to Shopify in our Point of Sale software through the Shopify Gift Card API and can properly Create and Adjust Gift Cards as well as query the Gift Card activity recorded on Shopify.  Each posting that we make to Shopify contains a description of the event in the 'note' field.  Further, for Adjustments we populate the 'remote_transaction_ref' field.

From a data point of view everything works fine.

The issue is the representation of the activity which can be seen from within the Admin section of Shopify.

When we create a Gift Card the Admin view shows the event with the description 'WebPOS issued a new gift card'.  This description is not the 'note' we populated but rather a construction of Private APP Name + event description... all good so far.

When we post a Gift Card Adjustment the Admin view shows the event with the description 'Unknown event Gift Card#adjustment_credit_success...'.  Note that the Gift Card balance is correctly stated and reflects the adjustment posted.  Also, note that executing a 'json' query through the API confirms the adjustment has been correctly recorded. 

It appears that Shopify does not know how to construct the proper event description for an adjustment posted from a Private App.  We had assumed that the 'note' or 'remote_transaction_ref' would be displayed along with the amount.

We suspect a configuration setting is not right but cannot find anyway for us to set it.


Following is a screen capture of some gift card activity from our testing:

Unknown event GiftCard#adjustment_credit_success...Dec 11, 4:39 pm EST

Unknown event GiftCard#adjustment_credit_success...Dec 11, 4:37 pm EST

Unknown event GiftCard#adjustment_credit_success...Dec 11, 4:36 pm EST
Unknown event GiftCard#adjustment_credit_success...Dec 11, 4:32 pm EST
WebPOS issued a new gift card.                                          Dec 11, 4:16 pm EST


Any assistance is appreciated.