GlobalE and Shopify Plus

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I own a company that specializes on e-com platforms integrations, we've had a lot of work integrating a solution by a company called GlobalE into Shopify, GlobalE provides a cross border / International sales platform, its esntially replaces Shopify native checkout with their own (order is placed via API into Shopify backend)


I am telling you all this as I heard from a few potential customers of mine that Shopify told them that they are no longer going to support solutions like GlobalE in their Plus platform, Can someone here provide more info on this? As I know both GlobalE offerings and Shopify Plus cross border offerings I know for a fact that GlobalE's offerings are years ahead in terms of maturity...


so I wonder what should I tell to my customers, I know that some of them are thinking on moving to other platforms due to that and others are just not sure they understand Shopify sales service communication on this... 


Any info can help me.