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Hi all,

I currently use live carrier rates on my shopify store and have chosen this as the shipping method linked to my Google Shopping feed. The carriers available don't necessarily match with the ones I actually use here in Australia but that doesn't matter too much.

Majority of my products have gone through on the feed and been accepted by Google Merchant Centre (GMC)

The products that haven't gone through are bulky/heavy items - So the issue is described as:  Missing Value [Shipping]. Whilst under the Shipping rate category it is described as "No rate available. The product is too heavy to be delivered by the carrier."

I've spoken to Google several times and they seem to be of no help what so ever. I use a shipping app to calculate my rates, The rates of suppliers have been coded to the app so they appear as live rates but also prevent the suppliers shipping carrier API timing out with Shopify's 10 second rule.


My question is, how exactly do I go about solving the issue of getting my bulky items accepted on GMC? - Some suggestions from GMC rep below:

1) You can use the shipping attribute as a last resort to override the settings you create in Merchant Centre at account level for the products that are disapproved.


2) You are using the content api feed which is considered to be a better feed as it is directly connected with the website. Any changes that are made in the website are updated directly in the Merchant Centre account. I would recommend you to use these attributes in the feed for the products that are disapproved. The content api feed developer can easily add those attributes in the feed. You can ask Shopify to add those attributes in your content api feed.


3) Would a rate table based on weight/postcode work (My suggestion)


I'm trying to get my head around this and happy to pay for the help to get it set up, but I just need to know how best to instruct someone when I do seek their services. 

I'd really appreciate it if anyone has advice on this topic or has experienced it and found a workaround.



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This is an accepted solution.

If your weight value exceeds 1000, then it can not be submitted. Google Shopping simply does not allow it.

If you have complex shipping settings then you need to create the shipping prices using rules that match the setup in your Shopify account.

The shipping price in Google Merchant Center needs to be exact or an overestimate.

A recent client of mine in Australia had a pretty complex setup. He used feed rules to setup a combination of shipping labels and direct shipping prices based on weight. To learn more:

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Thanks for the swift response, I've read the article and will likely get in touch with you since you've had previous experience with it.