GraphQL CreateTranslation-traslationRegister THEME performance issue.

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Hi everyone, someone is having problems with the response time of the CreateTranslation translationRegister mutation?

- If we make request to create translations for the PRODUCT, PRODUCT_OPTION, COLLECTION, etc... we obtain a response from the GraphQL API in ~300ms and we can send up to 100 translations per request without problems.

- With the THEME translations we obtain response times arround ~4000 miliseconds per request only sending one translation per request. A THEME can have more tag 7000 translatable tags.

With that performance the average time to upload the full theme traslations will be 8 hours.Same mutation, different data.T

his affects to all of our customers since 3 days ago (16th June), before that we upload the full theme in less than a minute.

Someone with the same trouble?