GraphQL Fulfilments Question

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After looking through a number of pages on the documentation surrounding Fulfillments I'm still not entirely sure how the FulfilmentOrder is created. In my testing app, no fulfilment orders are being created even though there are draft orders. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the full process somewhere along the lines but I can't seem to see anywhere that states at what point this is created and how I may create one. I am using the GraphQL API with a NodeJS application.

The main goal is to be able to update order status' from a custom application that handles sending out orders to third parties for fulfilment. This encompasses talking to the DHL API in order to handle shipping and order tracking, which I'd like to push back into the Shopify Store. Just wondering if there are any examples of this using NodeJS so I can get a grasp on the full order process Ideally I'd still like the Shopify Store to be in charge of stock, just wondering if this is possible?