GraphQL mutations

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I had a task to update cost prices at the same time as inventory availability. The two go hand in hand. In fact, updating the retail price could also be considered a gold standard here.


So I have inventory item ID, product variant ID, delta, cost price, and retail price. So here is the weirdness for the day.


  • I can update 100 SKUs at once with the Bulk Item Update mutation. Awesome! 100 at a time is super. The total time to update is < 30 seconds for this data set.
  • I can update the cost price solo using the inventory item update mutation, and this is still pretty fast. For the sake of argument, let's say 300 seconds. Still. That is much longer than the quantity update. No bulk update. Oh well.
  • I can update the cost price and the retail price using the product variant update mutation.

If I do the third option and kill two birds with one stone, the update takes > 2000 seconds. This is a point of aggravation. I have gone from 30 seconds to 2000. The gist of this is that I am dealing with a single inventory item ID that has three important attributes.


At the end of the day, can we not have something a little more efficient? It seems a shame to be able to touch just one of the three important values quickly, while the two others languish even though they are equally apt to change and are important. Such slow does not scale well once my data set becomes significantly higher.


If we can update the quantity in almost no time thanks to the Bulk mutation pattern, why not add in prices too?

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