GraphQL quota per app per shop?

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The main API docs are unclear as to how the graphql quota is spread across the shop instance 
This question is similar to but refers to the quota

so I want to know if I connect an app to my shop, does this app get its separate quota from other apps? or does the shop have a unified bucket for all apps? moreover, is there a separate pool for the app itself? 

Thanks in advance

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It is per app. The only reason query results contain a usage summary pertaining to each individual store is so you can run your own analysis and perform your own throttling. It is silly though - I'll give you that. Throttling should be performed per store, not per app.


This is like saying, "Yeah, I know you all have your own cars, but the speed limit says 25 mph. I'm really sorry there are 25 of you at the moment, but I'm afraid you'll all have to stay under 1 mph."


And dude - don't even get me started on the documentation here. It is so poorly written - no, wait, I take that back, it's not the writing itself that's poor - it's the way it is organized. It feels like somebody dropped a stack of 45,000 sheets of paper on my desk with a few hundred thousand "sticky-note bookmarks" that all say something like "See pp. 2,755 & 31,442" with absolutely no particular order.

Most people, it turns out, just aren't interested unless they have to pay for it. Go figure.