Graphql query for customers with date filter not filtering

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Dear Shopify / community,

I am building an app that allows users to analyze their store performance. For this we let the app query the Graphql API and I seem to have run into a potential bug as it only seems to happen on the customers' object.

I would like to only return customers that were created in 2019 using the below request. However, the response returns all of my customers. When I perform a similar request for orders or products then the filtering does work as expected.

Request to /admin/api/2019-10/graphql.json

Content of query
{ customers(first: 250, query:"created_at:>2019-01-01") { edges { cursor node { acceptsMarketing acceptsMarketingUpdatedAt averageOrderAmount canDelete createdAt displayName email firstName hasNote hasTimelineComment id lastName legacyResourceId lifetimeDuration marketingOptInLevel note ordersCount phone state tags taxExempt totalSpent updatedAt validEmailAddress verifiedEmail } } pageInfo { hasNextPage } }}

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?



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Hi @mverstrepen 


created_at is not currently a queryable field for Customers. Here is the list: should be able to use customer_date, which is an alias to created_at in this case. 



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Thank you, this solved my problem.