Guide on shopify_python_api ?

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Hi Everyone,

Fairly new to programming and completely new to Shopify API.

I have experience with python packages (Requests, beautifulsoup, etc.) and APIs (USPS, Canada Post, etc.), but I am completely lost on how to use shopify_python_api.

For all the packages I have used in the past, the documentation usually gives me the variables/functions I can use. This would be similar for API documentation. The Shopify documentation gives examples of requests I can use for the API, but I am not sure how I can use these for the shopify_python_api package. Sorry if I missed something or if I am too new to this. I would be extremely grateful for any guidance!


I am just trying to do some simple stuff:

  • Get a list of recent orders
  • Look up some info on some orders
  • Get the tracking/fulfillment info on some ordres
  • Potentially updating/changing the tracking information on some orders


Thank you!

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These are all things that can't be done directly from the Shopify backend, so make sure what you are doing is done with purpose and not just for the sake of it! 

I am unfamiliar with the python SDK unfortunately but since you have some understanding of programming concepts, I am wondering whether you have tried to look at Ruby on Rails? The Shopify Ruby SDK is what I am using, and the project comes with an example of pulling data.

The documentationation on that, although not perfect, is enough to figure things out and you have an enormous amount of resources on the web asked by junior and senior developers alike about questions you might have regarding the language or how to do things etc. You also have the majority of people in the Shopify partner community who are also using the same SDK that you would be able to learn from (when they ask questions in the forums).

This is not the answer you might be looking for however, incase it is of value I'd recommend investing some time in to learning Ruby and then use the more favourable Shopify Ruby SDK. 

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Hi @jig_r ,

Thank you so much for the help, but I really prefer to stay in Python if possible. 

I have a bunch of other processes already built and I currently manually export order info from Shopify and feeds it to my python scripts. I then manually take the out and import it to Shopify to update the tracking information. 

This is why I am hoping to stay in Python and eliminate those manual steps. 

This is all for my own store, I do not plan to create any apps for the market.