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Hello everyone
I am currently developing on a headless shop, with react/graphQl... And deployment to netlify to generate a static website.
I was able to insert the whole core of the store with the shopify api. But I have a problem with tracking.
Currently the shop's visitors do not appear in the shopify analytics report (visit, visist duration, atc...).
There is an api for analytics to integrate or somethings similar?
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Hi @Ben_Abbess 


The Shopify analytics are session-based for the Online Store channel. What this means is any data related to traffic, sessions, visitor behavior will not be tracked in the traditional Shopify Analytics section. What this means is that you will need to integrate Google Analytics (or similar) to tailor your analytics to exactly what you need and use that as the source of truth. The Shopify data will still be collected for sales and any transactional events that happen within the admin. 

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Hi @Ben_Abbess - Good question! This can be solved by using server-side tracking for the checkout and client-side tracking for browsing etc. Here's a demo of how we built an automated solution to do that (and send the data to Google Analytics or Segment): https://headlessdemo.littledata.io/