Help Needed for Updating Private app API on Shopify Website - Organic delivery Sydney

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Hi there,

This email is regarding updating Web hook API version from 2020-04 to the 2020-10 or latest 2021-01.We are one of the small companies in Sydney who deliver Organic food. 

We have an in -house filemaker system that manages the inventory and stock details in the system. I am using API to Update and create a product through filemaker software to the Shopify website. Our system runs a script once the stock has been changed or updated by anyone then it calls an API and updates that specific product. The old version 2020-04 does not have "Status" included. We want to update our private app API.I try to change API Version but it is disable not allow me to change anything. Also, I thought to create a new Private app but that button in disable not allow me to create any private app.

In addition I tried two different admin accounts (Mine Who created an app and Main Shopify admin account) to access and change versions but it also did not allow me to change anything with any users.

Can someone please help me with this issue please. If you need more information regarding this issue please contact me.

I Look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank You.