Help choosing the correct app / authentication type

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We have an app that we use to download orders and inventory to provide our customers with dashboards with insights into their business. Because we don't have a public facing web app, and because we would potentially use the same connector for different customers, it is unclear which kind of app we should build. We shouldn't distribute custom / private apps to multiple customers but we also don't have a public facing web app to demonstrate what Shopify consider a "proper" oauth flow.

I would appreciate some advice on what the best path forward for us is. 




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First question that comes to mind...why not deploy this as a public app via the Shopify App Marketplace? A private/custom app is usually a one-timer, where the developer and the customer are typically one and the same. Or else tightly-associated. If you have multiple customers then it would only make sense to deploy this as a custom app.

You don't necessarily need a customer-facing web presence in order to integrate with Shopify. If you deploy the app via the Embedded App SDK ( then your customer will have access to the dashboards via the Shopify web admin. Should be doable I'm thinking...