Help understanding the reason our app has been rejected

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Hi everyone,


Is there anyone we can talk from the Shopify app approval team that can help us understand why our app has been rejected?

Based on the feedback, the Shopify app approval team were trying to enable the integration with us. But it is already enabled by default.


As you can see by the screencast Shopify sent us, on the upper left corner there is the Shopify logo and text that informs the user that on this screen he will be able to import and work with Shopify orders.


We also provided a previously created account because our app has several anti-fraud mechanism embedded on the registration process and one of them checks if the IP being used is a Brazilian one (we had fraud cases before where the user used VPNs to use to other countries IP addresses).


Is there anyone that can help us? Our team does not speak english very well and we failed a few times so now we are temporally blocked to submit our app for approval.


Best regards,

Celso K.



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Hi @Kangu 

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