Hiding Embedded App Navigation Top Menu

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Hi, I have a few apps (all embedded), and one of my apps lacks the Navigation option. This is great because I still have the old navigation style with only 1 top title bar (instead of 2) with a secondary button in the top right corner. However my other apps are forced to display the two full top bars. The difference is within the Embedded App configuration section, one of my apps lacks the Navigation config settings entirely. Would like to know how I can remove the Navigation section from my other embedded apps so I can use the same 1-title bar style across all my apps? I do not use the navigation menu so would be nice that the second bar was removed entirely because the second bar takes up some screen real-estate. Is this issue is addressed in another post?




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 Hey Jason,


The new navigation bar is part of the upgraded Embedded App SDK, and the previous design has now been deprecated. 


This change was made to allow for a more uniform navigation experience across multiple devices among other things. It's possible that your own app is still tied to the legacy SDK, but all other embedded apps will have this new navigation bar structure.