Hopefully not a dumb question!

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I'm embarking on some app development (custom) for a particular need. I'm competent with NodeJS and NextJS so happy to see the CLI supports those and makes working with React easy. 

I can see how to do things with triggering via buttons etc from within Shopify, however, what's the best strategy for doing tasks in the other direction, say on a schedule or triggering via another API to the app's backend?

For example, I might want to update Products in a Collection when a weather event happens.

Or, third party warehouse system might trigger an out of stock notification that I need to update the Product in Shopify.


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Not sure exactly what you want to accomplish but you can listen to events emitted by Shopify via webhooks: https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/events/webhook

Hope it hapls

Finally—Add variant descriptions to your products