Hosted Gateway Order with Expiring Authorization

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Hi there,

We have a hosted gateway up and running with order management but we are running into an issue where orders aren't being set to expired after the payment authorization period is over.


The result is that stores using our gateway are trying to capture payment which fails as in our neck of the woods Auth payments cannot be taken after 7 days.


Can you please advise how we should be dealing with this situation? We would ideally be able to callback to the order callback url with appropriate values or have the order automatically expire after a set amount of time but I haven't had any luck with finding information on either.



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I have similar questions using existing Shopify Hosted Payment SDK (HPSDK).  How does the payment provider (me) control the order expiration date in Shopify?  Various supports responses say its up to the payment provider to set, but no one telling me where to set it?  I don't see any back end settings in the gateway to set this value.  Shopify Payments uses 7 days.  But, as a credit card issuer we support 30-180 day authorization periods.  So, am wanting to know what my payment gateway expire date is currently set to (7 or 30 days) and what and where can I update this value for my gateway?

I am looking for information on how I can update the default expiration period for a order in Shopify using our payment gateway?