How can I access abandoned checkouts for a public app?

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I've been following the primary Shopify public app tutorial (using React, Koa, etc.) and need to access abandoned checkouts.


I've developed a scheduler that runs every 5 minutes and gets a list of all the Shopify stores using my app and then acquires the abandoned checkouts like so:



const store =;

const url = `https://${ SHOPIFY_API_KEY }:${ SHOPIFY_API_SECRET_KEY }@${ store }/admin/api/2020-04/checkouts.json`;


fetch(url).then((response) => response.json()).then((data) => {


When I toss the URL into Google Chrome, I get the appropriate JSON response, but when I do it through a scheduler which runs on a timer, I get the following error:


  errors: '[API] Invalid API key or access token ' +
    '(unrecognized login or wrong password)'


What do I need to do to make this work?