How can I delete a custom app from partner dashboard?

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Is there a way to delete a custom app (i.e., the new "custom" type) from our partner dashboard?

I generated and used the "Merchant install link" to install it on one store. That store has removed it. The partner dashboard says zero installs.

I'm kind of done with it so I'd like to delete it from the partner dashboard but there is no delete link. I guess it's not a big deal but I'm going to create more apps and don't like the idea of it being stuck there forever if I create it. Am I missing something?

Update after some more digging:
This is on my employer's partner account. Maybe it's a permissions thing. I also have a personal partner account just for messing around and that does have a delete link in the apps. I'm the owner for my personal account but only a staff member on the company one but I have "Manage apps" permission.

Yep, it seems like only an owner of the partner account can delete an app. I verified that by making a staff member on my personal account, giving it all permissions and then logging in as that account. There is no delete button. If I login as the owner, there is a delete button. That doesn't make sense to me. I would except "Manage apps" permission to include deleting an app.

Is that a bug or intended?

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Just found this myself as about the only Google result related to deleting an app from the Partners dashboard. I'm in the exact same position and find it very strange that "managing" and app does not include deleting it.