How can I identify the shop executing my js file on my server?

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I'm trying to use script tags. I've created a file called store.js in my server. When I enter to my store I can see that the file is there and everything it's ok. The question is : How can I know the shop url ( that executed my file? I saw another post about this but I didn't understand it. It says to create a js file with an identifier. I'm not sure I understand how to do such thing. 

If you can show  me a clear example it would be great. BTW I use PHP, Jquery & Ajax.


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Boom! I did it and here is the simple answer for all people looking for a solution with php.

I checked my html source on my shop and shopify added this to my js file first time I tried with a js file :


So I thought about it and in the json string, I send a php file instead a js file like this :

array('event'      => 'onload','src'    => ''); 

Since php files can receive parameters, I just receive the parameter with the GET method :

 $shop =  $_GET['shop'];

I hope it helps ;)