How can i create an app that change the product price for each variants (more than 100 variants) ?

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I need to create an app that can change the price of my product (a planter).

Every combination will be slightly different, for example:


Length x Width x Height

100x30 H30 : 100€

110x30 H35 : 110€

105x35 H40: 135€

1455x40 H 35 : 1345€


I can't use the "variant" feature of shopify because my combinations will be infinite, it can go from 100cm length to even 10km, i can't stay within the 100 combinations.


So i was thinking of creating an app myself that changes the price every time the client select all three variant (L W H), but before digging within the docs and tutorial i wanted to known if it was even possible.

If two or more clients are seeing this product in the same time they must see different prices and pay different prices (except the are using the same combination of LxWxH)



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Realistically, you're going to need to have every variant saved into Shopify ready, hidden from the user. Upon then selecting the correct choice you then direct the user to the correct product. Alternatively, you could have the prices etc. in a different system, when the user has selected their choice dynamically create a new product/variation with those values saved.

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