How do I call Shopify App Bridge functions when using app bridge react?

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I have an app with a frontend based on this example: in order to use polaris. I do not directly use the App Bridge client in the app.

I now want to update the app to use the Shopify App Bridge, such that I can use session tokens, as required by january next year.

I am able to get an instance of the app bridge, but I am not able to call any of the functions on the app bridge instance - calling a function never resolves to the "then" promise clause, neither the "catch" clause.

I am using a local developer environment with ngrok, and the app is an embedded app.


A code example instantiating the app bridge and then trying to call a function on the app bridge:

const app = useAppBridge()
  console.log('app', app)
  app.getState().then((state) => console.log('state ', state)).catch((err) => console.log('err ', err))

Neither "state" or "err" is printed to the console.

What am I doing wrong?