How do you implement Login via OTP for Customers at the storefront?

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Hi, I'm an indie developer, currently trying to set up a Shopify store for a client. 

One of their requirement is to have an OTP-based login for their customers at the storefront.

By any chance, does an app for SMS-based OTP login exist on Shopify App Store? If not, any inputs about it's implementation would be extremely helpful

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Hello there,

Login with OTP over mobile number is possible via miniOrange 2fa ‑ OTP Login Application . You can allow customers to Login / Signup with Mobile number . Also, you can allow customers to enable two -factor authentication and allow them to login with the combination of username-password and two factor (OTP over email/SMS , Google Authenticator, Push Notification , Security Questions , etc. ) Checkout more information about their application here