How to Display Additional Information on Checkout Page Generated by Custom Admin API Plugin?

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So I'm trying to create a custom public plugin via the Shopify Admin API to link with an external service I created.
How do I display additional information on the checkout page generated by a custom response from 3rd party service called by plugin from Shopify?

For instance, let's say it's a carrier service I created. The plugin connects Shopify's checkout process with the custom made carrier service. 

When the customer reaches the "select a shipping method" page of checkout, and selects my custom carrier service, my carrier service will return a response with some unique information.  I want to somehow display this information on the checkout page, and potentially modifying the shipping address.

Is this even possible?

So far I've made a simple plugin using the "Carrier Service" REST API. I got the custom carrier service to show up as an option. However, the fields that I can pass to shopify is very limited (and too restrictive) as according to the link above.

I have taken a peak/skim through of the "Fulfillment Service" REST API documentation. It is better in functionality, but frontend wise, I still need the information to show up during the checkout process by the customer. 

Can anyone provide some insight please?

Thank you.

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The CarrierService API lets you return shipping options but there's not a second round of data exchange to display further info. 
For my own interest, what are you actually need to show/do, and why?

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