How to add a page to a store through an app?

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Seems like a pretty basic feature to add a store page to an app but I can't find any guidance on how to achieve this.

If I do a search for:

shopify app add page to store

I get:

which just tells me how to add pages to my own store.

I want my app to add a page with a form (or whatever content) to the store that installs the app.

It is a store 'admin' app but it requires 'customers' to sign up so it needs a customer-facing store page.

Should be a common scenario and straightforward but I cannot find any info on this.

Please assist.


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Hey cdrake,


You can use the REST Admin API for this. It's hidden away in the Online store subsection - here's a direct link to the Pages API. You'll need the write_content scope.

Hope that helps!

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