How to add upsell products on Thank you page with the Shopify's new Post-purchase upsell Feature.

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Hi, I'm currently building a Shopify app which is supposed to offer upsell products on cart & checkout page.

But I also want to add upsell products on the Shopify's thank you page. I thought it was impossible.

But I just read a new article related to Post-purchase upsells within Shopify checkout.


But where is the endpoints I can use in my app? Unfortunately, I couldn't find any clue. Is this just beta version?

And this is only allowed and perks for the companys like Zipify, Recharge or bold?

They seemed to already implemented this new feature, that means, it's definitely possible for all shopify developers!

Please help me understand it correctly! and how to use it!



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Hey, i don't have an answer to your question, I'm sorry. However, I am from a firm that would be very interested in using post-purchase upsell apps with clients...IF AND ONLY IF it's actually on the thank you page, rather than an interstitial post-payment but pre-thank you page. 

So far, it seems like the big apps that work with Shopify Checkout (and don't make the customer re-enter payment information) use an interstitial before the thank you page. 

And the apps that ARE on the thank you page, DO make customers re-enter payment information -- which is much less desirable. 

Have you any luck since February?