How to create shop inventory through calling a public API?

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I'm new to Shopify and poking around trying to figure things out. What I want to do is simple in theory.

There is a public API that I can use to pull information about my products, and I would like to know how to use this API to generate all of the products in my store.

I know you can bulk import CSV files, but I would like to be able to do this import with just hitting that public API as it gives me all the info I need to create my products.


Is there a simple way to do this? Or do I need to write a local Python program that parses the .json returned by the API, generates the excel spreadsheet, and upload that manually every time I want a product refresh?

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Hey @InspectorRack,

Have you checked out Parabola? You can import a list of products from any REST API. Your products will be returned in a tabular format. You can use the values in your columns to make a POST request to the Products endpoint using a Send to an API step.

Let me know if that's helpful!