How to develop an app that allows users to choose pre-defined addresses during checkout procedure?

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Hi All, I'm a newbie in Shopify App development. I'm currently studying how to develop an app that can allow users to choose pre-defined addresses during checkout procedure?


I've done some searches and followed the tutorial Build a Shopify App with Node.js and React, but still couldn't figure out how it can be implemented yet.


I found a sample website ( which does similar things I'd like to achieve. I'll explain a bit more below.



In a normal/standard checkout, the normal procedure looks like:

Cart > Information > Shipping > Payment










But in the sample website, its checkout procedure looks like:

Cart > Delivery options > Information > Shipping > Payment









As you may see, a completely new page is added between Cart and Information page.


Could anyone please tell me if all this can be done by a Shopify App? If yes, could you please also tell me how it's implemented. I'd like to know where to start and corresponding documentations.

Thanks a lot.

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Hello @waiwai , 


For the listing of pickup addresses shown in their checkout, that can be accomplished by building a CarrierService


Aside from that though, everything else that I'm seeing here couldn't be accomplished in any way that I am aware of without either bypassing our checkout entirely, which isn't something that we allow or support. This could potentially be accomplished with a Shopify Plus subscription as well since they are able to customize their checkout, but I wouldn't be able to speak to the extent of which it can be customized. Ultimately though what you're seeing here can't be accomplished by using just an app. 


I think it's also worth noting that when I try to checkout from this shop, I'm not seeing this behaviour any longer either.