How to develop custom app?

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I know how to build a custom app in rails. But I want to develop a custom app with minimum features like filter, wishlist, login with social media. so anyone please let me know how to develop a custom app with anyone feature in rails. how to apply these features in store.

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heh - that's a pretty tall order man. However, there are a few decent courses that are not provided by Shopify directly (though I think some of them are made by Shopify Staff and developers). In my most humble opinion; I've found them to be far more helpful than anything I've found here. I feel like such a jerk saying that; but it's true. Udemy and FreeCodeCamp are but two to take a look at.
The Shopify courses you'll find in your partner's profile are extremely basic and a few of them left me even more confused than when I started. Don't get me wrong, Shopify is an extremely powerful and all around awesome platform to develop on; but god help them if they ever get into education.

However, the one native Shopify resource that I do highly recommend flipping through is their blog. It actually does have a ton of useful information if you're just getting into Shopify Development. It has a lot of rich content sorta scattered throughout; so you'll have to kinda "wikipedia" through click by click.

Most people, it turns out, just aren't interested unless they have to pay for it. Go figure.
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