How to display custom product data from 3rd party API, based on user profile

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Apologies if the question is maybe trivial but I'm new to Shopify development and couldn't find any conclusive documentation on this flow.. 

We are developing a mobile app where users can create digital content, and we would like them to be able to purchase e.g. print-outs of their work through the Shopify store.

What we have envisioned is:

  1. a registered user of our mobile app accesses a product page from within the app (e.g. via web view)
  2. the user ID is captured by the product page (maybe a URL parameter?)
  3. the page fetches data from our own app DB for that user (via our own API layer)
  4. the page displays options/choices based on the user's data
  5. the various options are detailed in the order upon checkout

What's the best way to achieve this?

Is an app proxy sufficient to customise product pages with data coming from a 3rd party source?