How to fetch Credit Card Details from Shopify card vault

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Hi App Developer Community,


I am using Shopify StoreFront APIs in my app, in which I am using Shopify card vault payment method, I followed this link:

And successfully able to make payment by completing checkout using Shopify card vault payment method.


So, my question is that, is there any API or any way to fetch the stored credit card details in Shopify card vault for the next time when user again process a new order.




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This is an accepted solution.

Maybe the best thing would be to store that info on the device side. I know that sounds risky but you could encrypt it with Apple's Keychain or some way of storing data securely. That way you can let the user choose from their multiple payment methods they may have added. Not from some remote storage.

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no, once it's in the card vault, it can't be retrieved, it's only a POST endpoint:

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