How to fetch a list of order edits via API?

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Orders can be modified over time. line items can be added to Orders or removed from Orders.


As a result of these changes, sales reports are being updated, reporting net_sales or returns at the time when the modification occurred,

therefore I assume there must be some data structure stored with these modifications that is then used to generate these reports.


I know that order timeline can be fetched with a list of events for given order, but I assume it's not deterministic enough to be

used as a source of data to generate these reports, therefore I assume there must be some other data structure used to track

these order edits.


When I fetch the order via API though, after making an edit, I don't see any information about the edit though,

apart from the current order attributes and modified "updated_at" attribute.


Is there a way to fetch the information about the edits that have been made to an order. Please note that I'm not interested in Events

which are great for logging, but I'd like to have a deterministic data structure.