How to fetch notification templates using API?

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I want to fetch all the templates created by store admin using api, Those templates can be seen through admin panel > notifications 

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There's no API for those. If you need to edit them you'll need to have access to the Shop and the necessary permissions.

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Is there no direction to expose the email notification templates via API?

We're not unlike many in that the email templates are created externally, may change over time, and we leverage robust version controls on our side to insure consistency.

We need to be able to automate the updates of these email templates.  Manual copying/pasting is not only prone to errors (which are only caught during testing, or worse, downstream by a customer), but it also requires us to deal with more access controls than necessary (for employees to do so).

We really need the Admin API to be able to modify the Settings of the Shop, and this includes the templates for email notification.

Can we push this up the list as a formal request?

I know this has been a topic now for 5 years.  It's time.