How to get storefront logged in Customer email using api

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I have created an app, with Oauth I have got access token too. Using that token I have created a page in store pro-grammatically. 

In that page I want to load loyalty dashboard for current logged in store user but I am not able to get the current logged in customer details to that store using api. 

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You can make use of the assets API to place a script in the theme code, storing the current customer's id in a variable:


<!-- theme.liquid -->
  var currentCustomerId = {{ }};

From there you can access it via any storefront clients to perform any lookups you need to from your back end. I recommend grabbing only the ID because you probably don't want the customer's email floating around in the DOM for other scripts to see (and potentially abuse).



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I have searched everywhere but can not get a solution. So how can I get access to

var currentCustomerId 

by using my storefront api?

Thank you