How to handle application charge when app uninstall in the period of trial?

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I've got a process as follows:

1. Get App
2. Install App (oAuth)
3. Accept / Decline charge

Now when a shop owner ACCEPTS the charge, all is fine and they can start using your app, but what am I to do when an owner uninstall the app during trial period ? As I validate the condition only on subscription status if it is active then user use the app if not then it doesn't use the app.but at the time of trial your api change the status to active but before the trial end user uninstall our app then the status is active and he use my app easily.So, how can I handle this situation?

What's the best way of handling uninstall the app?
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Please help me out from this situation asap.

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This is an accepted solution.

hey @deepanshu-mobo you can subscribe to the Shopify's app/uninstall webhook and upon receiving one of these you just go and deactivate the app on you backend. The backoffice is automatically unavailable after installation, and if you are using ScriptTags then the JavaScript code is also removed from the store.

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