How to have 3PL Private App ONLY pull in orders from one location, not "all locations".

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We have a retail store that is opening in the coming weeks. 

We have had an issue with our 3PL pulling in orders with their private app that are generated in the admin but are for shipping from the  Brick and Mortar store location. 

How can we solve two problems:

1. When we create a Brick & Mortar retail store order (ie. for shipping or exchange purposes), we need to not have it synced to our 3PL as it will fulfill twice and/or if canceled at our 3PL because it was brought in, will mess up our inventory at our 3PL by adding that inventory to their stock, which it never originated in the first place. (This is an order created in the admin for the B&M store location, we have not tested from the POS app, if that gets synced.)
2. Inventory will only be synced from our 3PL to our "3PL" store location in Shopify and inventory will not sync to our B&M store location. 
Please help.