How to manage login session with web-checkout?

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Hi we are developing an native mobile application for iOS and android platforms using storefront api's . I have query regarding shopify webcheckout.

Please help me in the process if i am doing something wrong.
Here are the steps i am following.
Step 1: I created one customer using shopify api 
Step 2: Now i loggedIn in the app using credentials created at the time of customer registration As a output i got the customeraccesstoken which i stored in the app.
Step 3: Now I created Checkout using lineItems  As a output i got the checkoutId.
Step 4: Now As i already loggedIn in the app and i have customer accesstoken so i associated the customer with checkout using function checkoutCustomerAssociate As a output i got the checkout weburl which i loaded in the browser but as i told you i already have the customer accesstoken so this time the url should not ask me to login, but it asking for login.
So Please help me how i can manage the login session in this or how can i avoid login at the time of checkout. 

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Hi there.

I also doing the same set of things and looking for the exact same solution that you asked for.

I think we should directly contact the shopify officials. If you find an solution then please let me know below.

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Hi Sunilsmith, we are aslo waiting for solution if you found  please let me know and parallely we will update in this thread if we found thank you

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Hi All

Did any one find the solution for this. Please let me know as I have also come across the same situation.

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Hi guys,


Facing the same issue, any solution or update on this?


Thank you.

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Why they always do this? Users make them big and when they are big they step on users and they don't answer them, they don't resolve user's issues. 


We got same issue here, can you tell us why cant' we do this simple thing in app? A simple redirect url that we can pass usrname and password to and it logs us in?