How to send bulk invite for customer account activation

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I am a Shopify developr and recently migrated customers from another e-commerce platform to Shopify. I want to send them all a customer account activation email. I have seen some apps and stuff like Shopify plus plan for it but  I want to do it on my own with Shopify's basic plan and with API.

By so far I have seen this REST API which can do my work.

I am having a total of 10,000+ customers. So I can get 250-250 customers step by step via GET API of customers in a queue and send an email to all of them by this API.

But for this, I have to dig in the pagination stuff of API so that I get all of my 10,000 customers and everything goes smoothly.

I would like to ask the community how they handle this type of situation and what is the best way a developer can handle this.


Thank you in advance.

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Were you ever able to get a good solution to this? I plan to do the same for a client using the REST Admin API, though I'm thinking maybe Graphql would be better, but I already know how to do it through REST, so..