How to subscribe to navigation / loading events when loading from breadcrumb/resource list?

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I am looking for a way to determine when my embedded app is navigating to another page (for example, say clicking an item from a resource list).


I would like to add a loading component when a redirection within the app is occurring. I see that I can subscribe to the Redirect action events if using that action (which isn't used in the case of resource lists selection example above), I also see there is a Loading action that can be subscribed to but it doesn't seem emitted either.


So wondering if there is a global event that I am missing that I can subscribe to when a navigation is occurring as the result of:

- selection of a resource list item

- selection of a breadcrumb



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Hey @Adam_Hurlburt.


By "resource list" are you referring to a selection in a Resource Picker?


There's no "global subscription", but you can subscribe to actions taken in a resource picker or breadcrumbs.