How to test a sales channel app

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Hello Shopify,

I have reviewed all posts about this topic without success, I can't find a solution to my problem.

I'm developing a new sales channel app, following this tutorial and consulting each link cited here.

I already have a developer store with my app installed, the correct access scopes, I can read product listing, etc.

The main problem is that I can find a way to test the payment flow using the Checkout API through Stripe connect. I don't want to use a Production Stripe data, so I create a Stripe account for testing porpouse. 

Step to reproduce:

1- Customer initiates checkout.

2- My app create the checkout.

3- As it says here Shopify must return a shopify_payments_account_id but always return null.

From this point a miss the flow. Some example would also be very useful.


So, summarizing, what I need is to complete the checkout, tokenize the customer card info and complete the payment flow. 

Also, Is this necessary if in the first instance I just want to do tests? ->  apply for payment processing to process credit cards.