How to update custom total price on cart json ?

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I am making custom app for product option .  How to do selected all option then calculate total price product and update total price on cart json?

 for example :


these already apply this method.

Any one can let me know How its work?

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Your question isn't clear but I'll take a bit of a guess at what you need.


The price of a cart is controlled by the variants it contains. If you're hoping to add value to a cart you either need to pick a more expensive variant, or add in other variants to increase it. An example of this would be for monogramming. The base product is added and to capture a monogramming fee another product is added at the same time.

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what do you mean by monograming? and how do we do that? add a new line item for a variant ID?

Just to brief you. While adding a product i want to add a custom value to it for which variant is not created.