How to use Axios with App Bridge React?

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In my Rails App, running Polaris, I want to call my API with Axios, via axios.get('/api/shop') to get some good JSON.

I want that to be an authenticated call, so I will let the JWT business do its thing. To that end I see I can use Axios and App Bridge, but it is using a different way of dealing with App Bridge. I use React, so typically I get the Context of App Bridge from the package.

 import { Provider, Context, TitleBar, Loading } from '@shopify/app-bridge-react';

And then when I want an App Bridge I just use

const appBridge = useContext(Context);

The Axios code from Shopify is a little different. It attaches some App Bridge object to the window... as, and then the Axios code uses an interceptor to inject a token into my Axios calls from the getSessionToken call. Long story short, how do I use this Axios hack using the interceptor AND the Context? React complains I cannot use Context in this interceptor as it is not a React Component. So am I supposed to use React Axios and that la-dee-da, or is there another way to leverage App Bridge here?


import axios from 'axios';
import { getSessionToken } from '@shopify/app-bridge-utils';
const instance = axios.create();
  function (config) {
    const appBridge = useContext(Context);  // this is verboten!!
    return getSessionToken(appBridge)  // requires an App Bridge instance
      .then((token) => {
        config.headers['Authorization'] = `Bearer ${token}`;
        return config;
export default instance;





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I solved this by adding the version of App Bridge to my code and that worked. Probably the most clunky use of JS ever, but it works.



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