How to use Shopify rest api query parameters for search for script tag?

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Hello everyone,
I'm trying to use the rest-client on the Shopify API but I'm having a problem trying to set the query parameter to the src with the error below:


const result = await client.get({
  path: "script_tags",
  query: { src: "" }




TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined
at RestClient.<anonymous> (/Users/icaro/Documents/Udemy/Shopify/banner/node_modules/@shopify/shopify-api/dist/clients/rest/rest_client.js:37:59);​



The docs state this:

queryRecord<string, string | number>FalsenoneAn optional query object to be appended to the request
And according to the tests on the GitHub repo, this should pass:


client.get({path: 'products', query: {limit: 10}})



Would that be a specific problem with the script tag?