How to use the Shopify API to add an existing product to my store/make unavailable product available?

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I'm using an app to allow customers to custom-design their products.  During this process, the app creates an unlisted clone of the product with the image that the user has customized (so that we can add it to cart and checkout).  After checkout, the app removes that custom product from my store.  This is not ideal, as it means my customers can't reorder items, nor can they even see the items they've purchased through their account page.  I've reached out to the developers of the app and they said that it is intended behavior and have no intention of changing it. 


As such, I'm looking into ways to just build this myself with a shopify app, but it looks like the Sales Channel APIs are only available to Sales Channel SDK applications.  Is there another way to make a product available on my online store sales channel via API?

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If the customers are only purchasing this through the online storefront you don't need to worry about the sales channel SDK. You can just publish/unpublish the product as you need via the API

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I know this has been 2 years ... Is it possible to create a Variant (or product or attach a custom image to one of these) specific to the customer not using the admin API, as this code would be in my public front-end and ... well, you know, that is the very reason there is a separate admin API. 

Any hope?  Thanks, jb