How web apps can use Admin Checkout API?

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I have a use case where a Vue js app hosted elsewhere would need to create new products using the Admin API and then with the Admin Checkout API create the checkout with those products in it. And then using the WebURL direct users to continue the payment process on Shopify. The Vue js app doesn't process any payments.

However in order to use the Admin API with my Vue js app, I would need to get the access_token with the proper scopes, such as "write_products", "write_checkouts" and "write_customers". And to get the access token I need to create a Shopify App and convert it into a sales channel so that I can use the Admin checkout api. So the Shopify app needs to be a Public app.

But since my Vue js app is the one that sends requests to Shopify Admin API, I don't have an actual Shopify app with UI to interact with. So if I submit the app it will get rejected.


How can I make use of the Admin API to create products and then create a checkout object with them from the Vue js app?


This is the Admin Checkout API I want to use:

Note. the Vue js app will interact with multiple stores that I set up, so my app won't be open to public. I will set up in the stores and have control over it.